Friday, April 3, 2009

"To Grow" is to Come into Being

I sat at my computer a few hours ago feeling inspired to write about "opportunities to grow."  Just as I was going to type my first sentence the computer went black. We lost all power in the house. After running up and down the basement stairs several times, I finally got all of the fuses up and running, only after a slight "freak out" moment. I was feeling the pressure of time as I only have daycare coverage for a few more hours and I had a particular set of tasks I wanted to complete today. Just when I was about to throw out my "to do" list for the day and head to the movies, I was able to fix the power problem.

It's funny how those "opportunities to grow" show up in the most peculiar of places. Did I mention that baby was teething all night, the dog peed in my art-room this morning, (which probably caused the outlet problems), and that I hit my head while getting into the car?

So, what can I learn from these minor set-backs today? As I reflect on my own behavior, here's my "opportunity to grow" moment. I had a particular idea of how I wanted this day to turn out, and I was given a series of circumstances that challenged how I would choose to react. I was reminded that when I have expectations and find myself attached to a certain outcome, I'm setting myself up for failure and disappointment. Also, when I'm feeling particularly imbalanced, like in this case pressed for time, lack of sleep and self-imposed pressures to accomplish something, I am much more likely to react, shall I say, not so harmoniously.

Because life is a school, and I am here to learn, I choose to look at each new experience as an opportunity to grow. Today, I choose to embrace the lessons that unfold. And today, my lesson is to slow down, to let go of expectations and to be OK with this moment. Who knew that I could learn so much from some dog pee? (Thanks, Sprockit!)

Your Personal Reflection: Tonight, as you lay your head on your pillow, ask yourself, "What opportunities for growth did my day bring?" In the morning, as you wake up slowly, before getting out of bed, ask yourself, "What do I need in my life today?"

Without expectation or attachment, can you set an intention to grow?


  1. Hi,
    You know something sweet pug, Tess, peed on my jacket that was on the floor in my closet last week. At first I was upset and then I thought that she must be trying to tell me something!...and I realized that in my haste lately, being so busy with kids and work and just life, I failed to give her a "proper" walk. She enjoys longer walks/runs with me and I wasn't giving it to her. I am glad to say that she taught me to slow down and to enjoy her and our walks.

  2. Dogs really are our true teachers, don't you think? :)


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